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Policy Talks


Policy Talks events bring University of Mississippi faculty, alumni, business and industry experts, academics, officials, and community members together to focus on the ethical issues surrounding a timely topic, and to seek informed solutions from a variety of perspectives and fields.


Through a day of presentations and conversations, panelists and attendees learn about recent industry practices, explore current academic educational and research models, and consider ethical challenges and goals. Policy Talks events provide a unique opportunity for participants to network and engage in collaborative recommendations, “best practices” guidelines, and ethically-informed policy solutions.

- This Year's Event -

Medical Cannabis Research and Education at State Universities

The purpose of Policy Talks

Because we are focused on pragmatic solutions to real problems, we stress the ability for our events to produce "deliverables." What that looks like will depend on the problem being addressed, but it can include ethical guidelines, white papers, blog posts, or policy proposals.

Policy Talks is designed as the first step in a chain. The event brings together a network of experts and stakeholders that will work together after the event itself to craft solutions to the issues discussed. 

How It Works

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Past Events

Policy Talks of 2022

Big Data and Tech in the Delivery of Healthcare in Rural America

Policy Talks of 2021

Cancelled due to COVID-19

Policy Talks of 2020

Cancelled due to COVID-19

Policy Talks of 2019

Religious Freedom Laws

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