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Policy Talks 2022

The Convening
April 21, 2022
1:00 - 5:30 pm

Big Data and Tech in the Delivery of Healthcare in Rural America

Residents in Rural America face unique challenges, as do the healthcare providers meeting their needs. With greater distance, comes difficulty of access. With limited supply, comes limited resources. With decreased information, comes limited knowledge. With reduced options, comes limited care.

Rapid advances in technology and the use of big data in research offer new opportunities to deliver healthcare in rural settings, but as with anything, there are challenges to implementation, concerns about achieving goals, and questions about the role, reach, and power of new technologies.

This year's Policy Talks is an exploration of the problems, power, and promise of big data and tech in the delivery of healthcare in Rural America.


University of Mississippi Faculty 
Alumni and Private Industry
Academics and Officials


The Self Family
University Lecture Series

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