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Ready to talk about ethics? Want to think about good and bad, right and wrong? Think the world has some problems, and you've got some ideas on how to help? Welcome to the club!

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What is Compass?

We are the student organization that focuses on ethics here at UM. If you want to think about, talk about, and do the things that make the world a better place, welcome to the club! 


What sort of things does Compass do?

Based on student interest, we will provide a number of opportunities to engage in ethics-centered conversation and action. Book clubs, movie nights, café chats, and more! Compass students also have the chance to work with The Center for Practical Ethics as discussion leaders at events throughout the year. You’ll have the chance to train as a moderator and get paid to lead fellow students through discussion groups about ethical dilemmas.


5 reasons to join Compass:

1. You learn more about ETHICS

(What is right? What is wrong? How do YOU think about right and wrong?)


2. The issues and cases we discuss are FASCINATING

(All the stuff in the news? Yeah, all that and more)


3. You get better at engaging in CIVIL CONVERSATIONS on important issues

(Just like riding a bike: you only get better with practice)


4. You’ll get SPECIAL INVITATIONS to The Center for Practical Ethics’ events

(Workshops, discussion groups, and other invite-only events will be open to you)


5. We focus on SOLUTIONS

(Policy proposals, laws, ethical guidelines)

Check out our ForUM page

I want to know more...

If you have questions about Compass, email

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