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Ethics Workshops

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Ethical reasoning is an essential part of our daily lives. With few exceptions, most of us believe that the choices we make matter, and the best way to understand the uniquely moral nature of our decisions is by familiarizing ourselves with the basics of ethics.

As part of our mission to promote the value and usefulness of ethics, we work with public and private entities to produce ethics workshops. These workshops give participants the ability to gain a deeper appreciation of the underlying principles that guide moral decisions. Professional codes of conduct, for example, are incredibly useful guides, but they do not give people in those professions a deeper understanding of the moral principles that are at play (e.g., fairness, consent, parity, utility, etc.).

The workshops cover material relevant to the particular field, industry, or purview of the group sponsoring the event. The goal is to help participants understand ethics in their practices in a more robust manner so that they can engage with the moral issues they will inevitably face and better understand what is at stake in their decisions. 

-This year's Data Ethics Workshop-

AI, Accessibility, and Student Engagement

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