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The Center for Practical Ethics

Ethics is in 
every decision.
every action.
every policy.
So we'll take ethics 
every person.
every school.
every boardroom.

Ethics in Action

We believe that everything we do has ethical implications. If we want to make progress on seemingly intractable issues, we have to carefully analyze problems and engage in civil discussions about what good solutions look like. 

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The study of ethics is a 3,000-year-old discipline. Understanding and developing the foundational concepts in the field in a rigorous manner is a major part of our mission. We sponsor research and programs in areas that are of immediate and lasting public import.


Public Events

Placing civil discourse at the forefront of the public mind enables us to live together even if we disagree. It is our goal to give people the tools to analyze complex concepts and engage in thoughtful conversation about often contentious topics. 



We strive to ensure that our events and research lead to something more: something useful to experts, policy makers, and laymen alike. After we have thoroughly explored a topic, we publish white papers, ethical guidelines, and policy proposals so that fruitful ethical research can be brought into the public square. 

Featured Event

Past Events

Policy Talks events bring University of Mississippi faculty, alumni, business and industry experts, academics, officials, and community members together to focus on the ethical issues surrounding a timely topic, and to seek informed solutions from a variety of perspectives and fields. Through a day of presentations and conversations, panelists and attendees learn about recent industry practices, explore current academic educational and research models, and consider ethical challenges and goals. Policy Talks events provide a unique opportunity for participants to network and engage in collaborative recommendations, “best practices” guidelines, and ethically-informed policy solutions.


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