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Ethics and Values Minor

Image by Clark Tibbs

No matter what your primary field of study and no matter what your career goals, you will benefit from the study of ethics from both theoretical and practical perspectives. This minor, offered from the Department of Philosophy and Religion, teaches students to understand the ultimate principles that guide ethical thinking and action, and also trains them to engage in independent ethical reasoning and to grasp responsibilities in many different areas of life.


Such ethical skills are in high demand: not only is your personal reputation a key factor of success, but employer surveys consistently show that values such as integrity, honest communication, respect, and confidentiality are considered to be crucial for the proper functioning of any organization or company.

Available Courses

  • Phil 101: Introduction to Philosophy

  • Phil 102: Introduction to Professional Ethics

  • Phil 104: Contemporary Moral Issues

  • Phil 204: Intro to Ethical Policy Debate

  • Phil 308/Rel 308: Buddhism

  • Phil 320: Aesthetics

  • Phil 321: Ethical Theory

  • Phil 328/Rel 328: Biomedical Ethics

  • Phil 331: Political Philosophy

  • Phil 344: Moral Psychology

  • Phil 345: Environmental Ethics

  • Phil 347: Advanced Ethical Policy Debate

  • Phil 349/Rel 349: Religious Ethics: Issues and Methods

  • Phil 350: Philosophy of Law

  • Phil 352: Care Ethics

  • Phil 353: Consequentialism

  • Phil 355: Philosophy of Film

  • Phil 357: Business Ethics

  • Phil 372: Conservative Political Philosophy

  • Phil 390: Feminist Philosophy

  • Phil 421: Seminar in Ethical Philosophy

  • Phil 431: Seminar in Legal/Political Philosophy

  • Phil 591: Advanced Seminar in Value Theory

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